Rain, Rain, Go Away

Our days are always more relaxing for everyone when we get outdoors but some days that’s just not possible with a baby in tow. It’s been raining A LOT lately and that means we’ve been spending most of our days inside. We’ve also recently joined The Wild Explorers Club and have been dying to get out and complete some of our assignments. Today started out just as rainy as the past few days so to keep the natives at bay I suggested we build a tent under the dining room table.

imageOf course the kids were ecstatic.

imageI love this little fire they made using some of their toys and rocks from our front yard garden. That’s a marshmallow Cullen is roasting made out of K’NEX pieces.

imageI read aloud while they colored.

imageDraven wrote a narration of Buffalo Bill and finished with an illustration.

imageThis was school today. Pretty simple.

imageThen miraculously the sun showed her face so we hurried outside while we still could.

5 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. Stacey,
    You have always amazed me. You have always gone beyond what is expected and accomplished what many cannot. Even as a young girl you listened respectfully to people. When you had a job, you did your best at it. When you played the piano, you really did it with heart. I have always admired your maturity at a young 18 years and I see you have grown into a very special woman. This is why you will succeed because you will make it happen and you will do it with love.


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